Breaking Strongholds: Self-Deliverance

The following are excerpts from Unmasking The Devil by John Ramirez:
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Note: I disagree with directly loosening angels. All petitions should go to God. Ask God to send holy warrior angels in Jesus’ name.

16 thoughts on “Breaking Strongholds: Self-Deliverance

  1. Angel

    The power of God and Jesus have brought me to you for Real deliverance. I even experienced physical things during the self deliverance prayer. Nearly vomiting and blurry eye sight which nearly prevented me from reading the rest of the prayer and watery eyes and stomach upset. I feel free and I really believe God has saved me from the yucky things I was dabbling in. I really wanted to ask a question about praying this self deliverance prayer for my children I cannot exactly get them to read it personally as they are too young and my oldest boys would be abit frightened from the rawness of this. Are you able to guide me in how I break the strongholds using this prayer for my children, fo I prayer this with holding their hand do they repeat after me? Please help me because I know this will save my family home life to rid these demonic stacks over my children’s behaviours such as aNger, defiancey dark thoughts, strife autism etc.
    I was seriously seeking God’s real truth and have always loved Jesus and God and have been a Christian but could never appreciate or understand why I was suffering and so addicted to new age stuff and drinking and smoking and sexual immorality and even coffee which leads to very severe anxiety within me. Etc. it was the last straw when I downloaded a tarot app and my reading was so fearful and disgusting that I was filled with fear because previous to that I had lovely angel light worker cards I’d read. I’d seek lovely mediums who would show love protection and guidance in my journey and predict things that were so spot on. I’d watch the law of attraction by Abraham Hicks etc so I felt spiritually guided still putting God centre in my heart and defending his name if anyone spoke less of who he really is. But it was these tarot cards that made me ill and I felt an evil fear. So I surrendered before God and said what is real show me your face prove to me my faith in you is true after falling pretty much at his feet I come across you John and it scared me So much that this was what was happening to me. I was being severally attacked my Satan’s demons himself. Mind confusion spirits , depression, fear, alcohol abuse etc I needed to be delivered but I asked Hiw I’ve prayed years for it SHOW me how what do you want me to do. And then I came across this. Anyway it is a long story the rest but I need to know this prayer for my children and family on a personal level I know it mentioned for my family too in this self deliverance prayer is that enough to rebuke the attacks from my beautiful family.
    Thankyou Shalom and God bless
    Angel Elliott.


    1. Dami

      Hi Angel,

      I think as a parent you have authority over your children, so you can say the prayer on their behalf (especially considering that they are so young). You can just reword parts of the prayer so that they are directed at your children.

      I will be praying for you and your children and I know God will grant you victory.

      God bless you!


    2. Anonymous

      Girl. You have authority over your children you pray it for them till they are old enough to understand. You have the authority of christ in your home.


  2. Angel

    I forgot to mention after my experience with the psychics and tarot’s and surrendering before God I did repent fully of my sins and my foolish wisdom after watching your documentary. I pretty much said God take me I cannot do this anymore. I was always a Christian but s double minded one and thought that was ok. I have surrounded to all that was trying to rob steal and destroy me and my family. And I have asked God now to show me every day his Truth and I’m documenting this whole experience I’m doing every day for 39 days and trusting the Lord to show me his love and truth. I have vowed to to partake in any forms of new age deterrents alcohol cigarettes coffee etc which I’m delighted to say I feel they have been completely broken from me , but it’s only early days so I’m trusting this will all be Glory to Gods kingdom. In Jesus name Amen


  3. Cynthia Gainey

    I just need help. I don’t know where to start from. I don’t going looking for confusion it just seems to attract my family and I.


  4. Samuel

    Neighbors above me trying to intimidate my children and I by following every where we walk we hear their foot steps and if I say I’m going to a certain room I hear their footsteps coming to that room. Everywhere I love my furniture I here them moving furniture in the same are as my as well as bed. Everywhere I sleep I hear right above me which is creepy and strange. I know God will give me deliverance soon. Another neighbor who has bad smell unknown substance coming from apartment everyone complain s yet she remains in the apartment. I have arrows all around me.


  5. Mom

    Loosing angels is one of the principles in false annointing/kundalini awakening “revival” (drunkeness, toronto etc) So Ramirez MIGHT have also false teaching here in the middle of the right and true teaching.

    Frank Hammond, Pigs in the parlor (pages 112-113):
    “When the ruler of the synagogue became angry over this deliverance because it was done on the sabbath, Jesus answered: Thou hypocrite, doth not each one of you on the sabbath LOOSE his ox or his ass from the stall, and lead him away to watering? And ought not this woman, being a daughter of Abraham, whom SATAN HATH BOUND, lo, these eighteen years, BE LOOSED FROM THIS BOND on the sabbath day? Luke 13:15,16

    The Greek word for “loose” in the text is luo. It is defined in the lexicon as “to loose anything tied or fastened; to loose one bound; to set free; to discharge from prison. To free from bondage or disease (one held by Satan) by restoration to health.” (Thayers) The victory over demon spirits is already won by Jesus. As far as heaven is concerned every captive is loosed! The principle is the same as in salvation. Jesus provided for every man’s salvation. Then why isn’t every man saved?The blood must be personally applied. Every man who applies the blood by faith is saved. Those who refuse or neglect to apply that blood are lost. So, Jesus has provided deliverance. It is finished so far as heaven is concerned. The key of loosing the captive is given to the believer. He can loose himself and others on earth because it is already done in heaven! Glory! Now, there are those who teach that the loosing spoken of means the loosing of the Holy Spirit or angels to fill the vacancy left by the departing demons. Since it has has been shown that the word “loose” is in respect to that which is fettered and bound, how could this possibly refer to the Holy Spirit or angels? Are they in any sense bound? Furthermore, it is not within the authority of men to command angels. While it is a blessed truth that angels are “ministering spirits” in behalf of all who are heirs of salvation (See Heb. 1:14), it must be carefully noted that they are “SENT FORTH” to minister in our behalf. Who does the sending forth? That is God’s business. We can pray and ask God to release the angels, but there is no precedent in scripture for our commanding or directing them ourselves. It is extremely dangerous to elevate angels to a higher role than is established in scripture, for one thereby begins to look to angels for help rather than to the Lord. This, in fact, amounts to idolatry and may soon degenerate into a “worship of angels” which is altogether forbidden. (See Col. 2:18). To look to angels rather than God for help is failure to hold the Head in proper respect, that is Christ. (See Col. 2:19). To reiterate, the binding refers to Satan and demons, and the loosing to the person who has been bound by the forces of darkness. Satan is bound; the victim is loosed! This is what happens as the result of an effective deliverance ministry.” (Hammond)


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