Indulgences are not Biblical

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One thought on “Indulgences are not Biblical

  1. Martin

    607 Boniface III made first Pope
    709 Kissing the Pope’s foot
    786 Worshipping images and relics
    850 Use of “holy water” begun
    995 Canonization of dead saints
    998 Fasting on Fridays and during Lent
    1079 Celibacy of the priesthood
    1090 Prayer beads
    1184 The Inquisition
    1190 Sale of Indulgences****
    1215 Transubstantiation (The conversion of the substance of the Eucharistic elements into that of Christ’s body and blood; a
    doctrine of the Greek and Roman churches. A change of anything into something essentially different)
    1220 Adoration of the wafer (Host) (the worshipping of a piece of bread that one has become convinced is the Lord Jesus
    1229 Bible forbidden to laymen
    1414 Cup forbidden to people at communion
    1439 Doctrine of purgatory decreed
    1439 Doctrine of the Seven Sacraments affirmed
    1508 The Ave Maria approved
    1534 Jesuit Order founded
    1545 Tradition granted equal authority with the Bible
    1854 Immaculate Conception of Mary
    1864 Syllabus of Errors proclaimed
    1950 Assumption of the Virgin Mary (the belief that the Virgin Mary ascended bodily into heaven without dying)
    1965 Mary proclaimed “Mother of the Church”


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